Data Science

January 29, 2020

Making the Pass, Part 1: Parameter Optimization with KNIME

With the Super Bowl just around the corner here in the United States, I recently found myself trying to think of a football-themed blog posting.  Based on the football theme, I decided to create a post about a fundamental aspect of the game: throwing the ball to a receiver (a “pass” in American football parlance.)  It is a simple operation that, with a little bit of practice, most people can perform intuitively without any knowledge of the physics equations that govern the projectile motion of the ball and the linear motion of the receiver.  Maybe it would be possible to […]
January 28, 2020

My First Foray into Data Science: Semi-Supervised Topic Modeling

I recently started my first position as a data scientist. On my first day on the job, I headed to the client site, armed with my repertoire of pre-processing modules, classification algorithms, regression methods, deep learning approaches, and evaluation techniques. I was ready for whatever this organization threw at me – I expected that I could solve their problems with some simpler models and a few data cleansing steps, much more straightforward than what I faced in my master’s program. Boy, was I wrong. The first problem handed to me was one they had been wrestling with for a few […]