July 11, 2019

PostgreSQL – Why You’d Want to Use It

If you’ve been in this industry for a few years, then you probably know what SQL is. It’s the golden standard for working with databases and nearly every modern coding language interfaces with it. Though simple it’s very flexible and different variants of it allow for some more robust functionality like Oracle SQL and MySQL. PGSQL, or PostgreSQL, is another one of these variants, but it takes things one step further and even one step after that. Let’s start with what exactly PGSQL is and is not. PGSQL is a variant of SQL and uses most of the same syntax. […]
July 1, 2019

Structured Query Language Basics

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard language used for retrieving and manipulating database information. Today’s blog, I will be focusing on how we can use this language to simply get an organized result set back that answers a specific question. This will be accomplished by using the Select, From, Where, Group By, Having, and Order By clauses We will be using the EMPLOYEES table in the HR schema from Oracle live as our practice table. You can find the structure of the table in the image below. This can be accessed for free. All you need is an oracle […]